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Product Spotlight: Silvie

Updated: Oct 25, 2022


Bring peace-of-mind and wellness to your bedroom with Silvie. More than just an exquisitely soft long-staple cotton: this luxurious bed linen is also infused with silver for its antimicrobial properties. This creamy fabric features a delicate mélange and looks beautiful as a neutral coordinate for sheets or on it’s own for a simple elegance.

It’s a wonderful choice for healthcare workers or wellness-minded people who are looking for additional ways to improve the comfort and safety of their homes.

Benefits of Silver-Infused Cotton

  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial properties may help to slow or prevent bacterial growth

  • Anti-moisture properties improve comfort

  • The silver is infused into the cotton, like a mesh, so it does not wash out

Our team’s favourite picks for coordinating duvet covers and shams: Mia, Carrara (Crystal), Amalfi, Portia (Natural)

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