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Product Spotlight: Sussurro

Updated: Apr 15

Sussurro, which means whisper in Italian, is all about texture.

Naturally light and airy, this beautiful cotton voile coordinates beautifully with natural tones, light wood finishes, and textural accents.

Delicately woven, Sussurro is nearly weightless. As a duvet cover, it works to protect the duvet while enhances the light, fluffy softness. This is particularly noticeable with fills like Eiderdown, James Bay, Salzburg, and Embassy, which are known for the high loft.

"Sussurro is so light, like a cirrus cloud floating in the atmosphere. It is unbelievably comfortable and just wafts over you. I can have any bedding in the world, and this is my favorite duvet cover."

Michael de la Place

Our VP of Design, Michael de la Place, boasts that in his 30 years at the helm of St. Geneve, Sussurro is the nicest duvet cover he has ever used!


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