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Spotlight on Pekoe

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Pekoe showcases a magnificent rose bloom. This jacquard was woven in Italy with a subtle, metallic thread - lending it a truly luminous quality.

Design Tip:

The subtle tonal nuances of Pekoe means it looks just as gorgeous with a creamy neutral (shown below with Capri Cream) or with a cool grey (shown above with Capri Pewter). Pekoe is a really fabulous transitional fabric, and we enjoy the flexibility of styling. The shine in the fabric really is an invitation to play with metallic accent piece. You can style with silver and pull out the greys in the fabric (we paired with our beautiful Forte in grey) and/or style with golds and bronze to play up the orange tones.

The inspiration behind this beautiful bedding?

"This fabric immediately reminded me of a beautiful cup of tea!" explains Creative Director Lossen Zimmerman. "the name Pekoe followed, and we brought in some sparkle and glamour, inspired by formal tea service. Pekoe is a wonderful fabric for fall and winter - the rich tonal nuances are reminiscent of a walk through in the forest, and brings that colour and texture into the bedroom in a really luxurious way."

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