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Persephone | Printed Linen-Cotton

Persephone | Printed Linen-Cotton

55% linen / 45% cotton
Fabric from Portugal
Sewn in Canada


Inspired by the goddess of spring, Persephone is bursting with positive energy. Her watercolour print of tender greenery and pale petals features dreamy soft neutral shades of natural linen, blush, plum, shell, rose, and orchid. We take Persephone to the next level with generous flanges; beautiful, naturally iridescent abalone shell buttons; and a whimsical hemstitch adorning the sham fronts.

  • Duvet Cover

    Backed in Nicola Shell or pattern overall

    1 1/2" flange

    Back button band with abalone shell buttons



    Pattern overall

    Hemstitch detail

    Horizontal back button band with abalone shell buttons



    Pattern overall

    1 1/2" flange or knife edge with 1/8" self piping

    Back zipper or horizontal seam zipper

    Pillow form included