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    FIND A RETAILER NEAR YOU Prefer to shop online? See below for a list of our online retailers. Interested in carrying St Genève in your luxury boutique or online store? Apply to become a St Genève Retail Partner today. BECOME A RETAILER ONLINE RETAILERS BNorth Domicile Shipping to Canada and the United States A curated selection of high-end, environmentally sustainable creations from the talented designers, master artisans, and manufacturers of Canada. visit site Fino Lino Shipping to Canada Fino Lino specializes in exquisite fabrics with a focus on linens for the bedroom. In the world of luxury linens, Fino Lino offers the best quality, feel and finishings. visit site Into the Bedroom Shipping to Canada and Internationally Based in Vancouver and designed in Canada and Sweden, The Sleep Shirt is best known for its classic, contemporary nightwear made locally and ethically. visit site Plumeria Bay Shipping to the United States Plumeria Bay offers the finest quality bed linens and goose down products made in the USA and Canada. ​ visit site Shades of Sleep Shipping to Canada and the United States Based in Calgary Alberta, Shades of Sleep specializes in beautiful bed linens and sleepwear to make your life as comfortable as possible. visit site Linen Boutique by FJD Shipping to Canada Creating the comforts of ‘home’ with attention to fine detail and beauty… as only Jennings can do. ​ visit site Down Heaven Shipping to the United States Down Heaven is an online retailer devoted exclusively to a select line of St Genève duvets and pillows visit site Inspirati Shipping to Canada Inspirati offers the world’s finest linens and essentials for every room of the home, sourced from the best producers in Europe and North America. visit site Muffet & Louisa Shipping to Canada and the United States Sourcing from as many Canadian makers as they can, Muffet & Louisa requires their offerings to be well made, beautiful, and functional. visit site Rugs Bed & Bath Shipping to Canada and the United States This Ancaster Ontario-based shop serves customers with a huge selection of bed linens, area rugs and more. ​ visit site The Mattress & Sleep Company Shipping to Canada and the United States A family-owned and operated in Alberta Canada, the Mattress & Sleep Company carries everything you need to outfit your bed for a great night's sleep. visit site

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    DEMETRA SUMMER COLLECTION 2022 view the collection BROWSE OUR PRODUCTS DOWN Duvets, pillows and toppers crafted from the world's finest down. view all BATH Luxurious bath linens that will transform your self care routine. view all LOUNGEWEAR Cozy yet elegant robes and sleepwear view all BED LINENS Duvet covers, sheets, coverlets and mattress protectors made to order. view all HOME Decadent table linens, throws and cushions view all GIFTS Find the perfect gift for weddings, baby showers and other occasions. view all OUR STORY We don’t just craft the world’s finest duvets and bed linens; we create a lifetime of wonderful nights. Comfort is the deciding factor in every design, manufacturing, and service decision at St Genève. We are committed to authenticity, and continually strive to produce the most luxurious and long-lasting bed linens, down duvets and pillows that you will ever experience. We travel the globe to select the most exquisite textiles and natural fibres, ensuring that our suppliers meet the highest ethical and quality standards. Learn More OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES We believe quality means delivering excellence by setting high ethical standards for ourselves and our industry partners. Learn more about our values and what drives us to continue our 50 year legacy of authenticity, tradition, and expertise. learn more SUSTAINABLY SOURCED DOWN AND TEXTILES At St Genève we create high quality bed linens and down products crafted from sustainably sourced natural fibres that are designed to last generations. ​ Our products are proudly manufactured in British Columbia, Canada. We hold ourselves accountable by adhering to the high standards of a number of third party organizations to guarantee the quality and integrity of our products. Learn More FEATURED IN DOWN 101: EIDERDOWN The softest and highest insulating down in the world. Eiderdown is down that comes from wild Eider ducks. Female Eider ducks carefully pluck down from their breasts and use it to build their nests. Eiderdown is carefully collected directly from Eider nests in small portions without harming or disturbing the birds. DISCOVER THE MAGIC OF EIDERDOWN VIEW ALL OF OUR SIGNATURE DOWN ON THE BLOG Susie 6 days ago 3 min Summer Duvets: Switch to Lighter Weights for Warmer Temps How to Choose the Perfect Summer Duvet for You (and Everyone in Your Family) Join our Lossen, our Creative Director, and Jo-Anne, our... Susie Jun 8 1 min Eden | Paradise Found We're thrilled to introduce Eden, our luxurious new tabletop linen for Demetra Collection, Summer 2022. Eden exudes organic simplicity... Susie Jun 6 1 min Showroom Tour: Demetra | Summer 2022 Join Lossen, our Creative Director, as she tours you through our showroom and new Summer 2022 collection, Demetra. Lossen lights up as... VIEW ALL BLOG POSTS FOLLOW US

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    BED LINEN CARE COTTON CARE DAILY CARE ​ Fine bed linens are like a fine wine: they improve with age. As they are used, your St. Genève fine bed linens will improve in softness and comfort, unlike basic linens that are worse for wear. This process can take 8-10 launderings, after which they will be soft, smooth and naturally wrinkle-resistant. ​ Natural fibers, like those used at St Genève, are not fussy, but do require proper care. Follow these simple tips to get the most years and enjoyment from your fine bed linens. We recommend washing your sheets once per week. Rotate your sheets. By letting your sheets ‘rest’ in between uses you will greatly extend the life of both sets, in addition to making laundry day a little easier! ​ WASHING ​ Avoid overcrowding your linens in the wash. Ensure your washing machine allows ample space for your fabrics, taking into account the size of your bedding. ​ Make sure there is enough water in the cycle. Many washing machines are water-saving, which causes added friction on the bed linens. Use maximum water settings. ​ Use very little detergent. Too much detergent may not rinse out completely and will cause buildup. Do not use fabric softener, bleach, or detergents with bleach, whiteners, or alkaline detergents. ​ DRYING ​ Space out your bed linens. Dry only a single sheet set or a duvet cover with shams at one time. Do not use hot settings, use medium-temperature for washing and drying. Do not over dry. 100% LINEN CARE WASHING ​ Launder whites, colours, and prints separately. White linen may be washed hot, and coloured linens should be washed at medium temperatures. Spin to extract excess water, and stretch damp articles to their natural size and shape before ironing. ​ DRYING ​ Tumble dry on low or line dry linen. For a softer, less crisp feel, remove from dryer while damp and hang to dry fully. WOOL AND CASHMERE CARE DAILY CARE ​ Keep wool and cashmere fresh and avoid unnecessary laundering by steaming in between washes. Do not iron as this may crush or flatten the natural pile of the yarns, steam instead. Don’t worry about pilling: it may occur and has nothing to do with the quality of the product. It can be removed with a cashmere comb. The fibers should settle after the first couple launderings. ​ WASHING ​ If possible, turn items inside out when laundering. Choose the gentlest cycle possible or wash by hand. Use maximum water setting possible. Do not use detergents that contain dyes or other harsh enzymes. Don’t use a fabric softener as it will coat the cashmere fibers and cause excessive pilling. ​ DRYING ​ Air dry by laying it flat rather than tossing it in the dryer. Store in a breathable container with cedar chips or anti-moth sachets to prevent moths and mustiness. Don’t hang on the clothesline as this can stretch and warp the shape of your bed linen. SILK CARE DAILY CARE ​ Silk is so smooth that it actually sheds dirt and stays clean longer, so you don’t need to launder it as often as other fabrics. The reason that silk is so strong and light is that it is made of protein, just like you. And, just like you, it is sensitive to harsh cleansers. If you wouldn’t use it on your skin, don’t use it on your silk. Do not allow silk to become heavily soiled. Silk can be weakened by perspiration and perspiration stains are almost impossible to remove. Keep your silk out of direct sunlight. Keep your silk away from perfumes, hairspray, nail polish remover, and deodorants, which can dissolve silk. ​ WASHING ​ Silk is best washed with a pure, gentle soap. In fact, hair shampoo makes an ideal detergent for silk. Use just a little, on your washing machine’s gentle cycle and medium temperatures (not hot or cold). Use the maximum water level. Wash and rinse at the same temperature. Do not wring. Only use a specialty detergent if it is formulated for silk. Do not bleach, or use any detergent that contains bleach. Do not use brighteners, fabric softeners, pre-soak products, inexpensive detergents, enzyme detergents or Alkaline detergents. Refrain from using specialty soaps such as ‘Lovelast’ are formulated for other fabrics and will often eat silk. ​ DRYING ​ When drying, use medium temperatures and select the gentle cycle on your dryer. Remove before it is completely dry and air dry the remainder. For garments and small bed linen items, such as pillowcases, it is wise to turn them inside out and use a large lingerie bag. If pressing is desired, press inside-out on medium temperatures. Do not wring. DOWN DUVET CARE learn more BATH LINEN CARE learn more DOWN PILLOW CARE learn more

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