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Open up your towels as much as possible and hang to dry after use. If they are left crumpled on the floor, they will not dry, and can even mildew.

Be aware that many facial creams and acne medications contain peroxides that will strip the colour out of any textiles, be they towels or pillowcases. If using these medications, stick to white towels.

Jewelry and nails are often the culprits for snagging towels. If pulls or snags should occur, simply snip them off. This will not affect the towel’s life.


Wash your new towels before the first use. This will remove any finishes on the threads, and will make the towel more absorbent. Use half of the soap that you would normally use. This will prevent any detergent residue building up and help the towel maintain is absorbency. Towels wash very easily, so less soap will work just fine.


Wash on warm. This will extend the life of your towel significantly. Washing on hot will kill microbes, but it is also hard on the cotton fibers of your towel.

Wash towels by themselves. Otherwise the pile can snag on zippers and other items.

Do not use fabric softeners. They coat the fibers and make the towels less absorbent. Do not use bleach. If you have a tough stain, of course, you can make an exception. Follow the directions carefully.

Give your towels a shake as you take them out of the washer. This will open the towels out and they will dry more quickly and evenly.


Don’t dry on high, and avoid over drying. This is hard on the cotton fibers. Use your dryer’s medium or permanent press temperature settings. It does take longer, but it is worth extending the life and comfort of your towels. Hang drying is not recommended as the towels come out stiff.

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