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Sewing Machine


With over 50 years of unmatched industry experience and passion, we bring you the highest quality down from the world's most reputable and ethical sources.

Over 50 years ago, our founder, Michael de la Place, was delighted by the blissful comfort of his parent’s new European down duvet. At the time, duvets were virtually unknown in North America, and Michael fell in love. He learned that there was nothing like being cocooned in a finely crafted down duvet.

Today, at St Genève, we design exquisite possibilities from which to create a blissful sanctuary between your day and your dreams – a place where the cares of the world fall away. Our mission is to bring this indulgence into bedrooms around the world. Our promise is that when you slip into a St. Genève bed, you will love the feeling, experience that same sense of wonder and reap the daily rewards of a good night’s sleep.

Comfort is the deciding factor in every design, manufacturing, and service decision at St Genève. We  are committed to authenticity, and continually strive to produce the most luxurious and long-lasting  bed linens, down duvets and pillows that you will ever experience. We travel the globe to select the most exquisite textiles and natural fibres, ensuring that our suppliers meet the highest ethical and quality standards.

Comfort goes beyond our products and into every interaction you have with us; we want you to be delighted. Through our expertise, outstanding warranties, research, and exceptional customer support, we take great pride in continually raising industry standards. Many of our dedicated team have been with us for decades. Together, we have built our world-class reputation for unparalleled mastery, attention to detail, and commitment to education and sustainable practices. We don’t just craft the world’s finest duvets and bed linens; we create a lifetime of wonderful nights.

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