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Cool Alternatives for Warm Sleepers

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

You may find that your favourite winter duvet is a little too hot as the temperatures rise, especially if you are a warm sleeper.

Never fear - there are several cool, comfortable alternatives to your all-season duvet!

  • Ultralight down duvet: This new fill weight is about 30% less down than a typical Summer weight. The Ultralight duvets do not have the puffy look of summer or classic weight duvets but provide a thin, cozy layer of insulation. The ultralight weight is available in most of our signature down fills.

  • Silk Duvet: The silk duvet provides a wonderful, comforting weight, while insulating very lightly, making it an ideal alternative for summer.

  • Coverlets: Choose a medium to heavy weight coverlet and use it on top of your flat sheet for a light layer of insulation on warm nights. These can also be used decoratively over your duvet in colder months.

Storing Your Down Duvet for the Summer Months

Take care when storing your duvet for the summer months to ensure that it is fluffy and insulating when cool weather returns.

  • Store your duvet in a fabric bag (hang on to the one your St Geneve duvet comes in!), or wrap it in an old sheet.

  • Don't store it in plastic, as this can lead to your duvet getting mildew or a tad bit musty.

  • Do not vacuum pack it, as this can crush the down clusters, resulting in a less fluffy duvet!


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