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Lossen Zimmerman: Our New Creative Director

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

We are excited to announce that Lossen Zimmerman has joined the St.Genève family as creative director.

We sat down with Lossen for a chat and learned more about her passion for textiles and interiors.

  • Tell us a little bit about your background, and how you got into Interior Design: I was born in Montreal and raised in Vancouver. My family made yearly trips and I loved how different both cities were. I enjoyed taking photos of the grand old buildings in Montreal and, when back in Vancouver, I loved being surrounded by nature and seeing a city grow before my very eyes. My love for design started young: when I was a little girl I would cut up Ikea catalogues and magazines to make my own “mood boards,” and would present them to friends and family. I was always coming up with grand design schemes. I still love to put together boards and create wonderful spaces. I studied Interior Design at BCIT and have a strong foundation in design through working within the design community.

  • What made you want to work at St.Genève ? I love textiles! I believe textiles matter to produce spaces with ambiance, style and warmth. Having the opportunity to work for a Canadian-owned business that helps to create beautiful spaces is an obvious fit for me, and it is a thrill for me to be a part of such a wonderful and respected company.

  • What are your personal “always” or “nevers” when it comes to interior design? Always add texture. Never be afraid of colour or pattern.