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Spotlight on Sussex

Updated: Apr 15

Elevate your bedroom with Sussexour beautiful cotton sateen Capri fabric, accented with a striking Jacquard border.

Sussex was designed to make your bedroom decor fun and effortless. We love that there are two great ways to bring Sussex's Saville Row energy into your bedroom.

  1. Go All the Way (shown above) You can commit to the full 'Saville Row' look by pairing the Sussex duvet cover (featuring a striking double stripe on the duvet cover, and coordinating stripes on the pillow shams) with the elegantly trimmed Sussex sheet set in a contrasting hue. The full set makes for a bold statement

  2. A Touch of Masculinity (shown below) Or, bring in a touch of masculinity with Sussex sheeting. The sheeting is elegantly trimmed with the extra long-staple cotton border. With seven designer-curated color combinations, Sussex sheeting can be paired with your existing bed linens.

Design Tip:

Available in 7 designer-curated colour combinations, Sussex is a handsome, versatile offering. We loved accenting the silver border with metallic and glass accent pieces, creating a sharp, modern look. Sussex is a beautiful sateen, and invites you to play with layering textures into your bedroom, like this stunning velvet (coming soon!)

Creative Director Lossen Zimmerman is particularly excited about the possiblities of Sussex in Shell, "The soft hue with the strong border is a wonderful opportunity to design an opulent 'Power Woman' bedroom!"

The Inspiration?

"The high quality jacquard on Sussex's border reminded me of a walk down Saville Row in London," explains Lossen Zimmerman, St. Genève's Creative Director. "This design would fit in the window display at a high-end tailor's shopor in your very own bedroom!"


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