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Towel-Off: Choosing the Best Towels

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

With so many wonderful towel options available - how will you choose? We've broken down our three favourite towel lines to help you make your next purchase!



Puro towels are made in Portugal, to our exact specifications, using supremely soft extra long staple cotton. Created with a unique towel trim that will not shrink when washed, the Puro towel collection is sumptuously thick and fluffy. Available in 7 colours.

"This soft towel is an essential part of our home decor, bringing warmth and relaxation to all of our washrooms."

-Scarlett, Happy Puro Customer



Woven in Italy and cut and sewn in our atelier, Forte is a 100% Italian Linen towels.

Lightweight and absorbent, the Forte towels bring a spa-like feel to your home. Woven towels are popular in Europe as they can be laundered with other textiles because they do not produce much lint or snag on other items, the way pile towels can. They save energy by drying quickly in the laundry.

My Forte towel goes everywhere with me! It folds to a compact size and dries quickly, making it the perfect little bit of luxury for a trip to the pool or a day at the beach.

-Tara D., Linen Towel Convert



If you're looking for a truly divine towel or bath mat, look no further than our partners at Abyss Habidecor. Based in Portugal, Abyss has dedicated their efforts to elevating the bathing ritual to an art for over 40 years. Abyss towels come in a wide range of stunning colours and designs, and are woven from genuine Giza Egyptian cotton. Wall Street Journal rated Abyss Habidecor as the best towels in the world.

These are the softest towels I have ever experienced. I look forward to my evening bathing ritual and getting to bundle up in my Abyss towel. I love the wide range of beautiful designs and never having to sacrifice style for quality.

-Heidi P., St Geneve Marketing & Abyss Towel Enthusiast


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