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Why We Love Travel Pillows

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Beautifully packaged, in a ready-to-go travel bag, St. Genève pillows make the perfect addition to your next adventure! Here are a few of the top reasons why clients love packing their St. Genève Travel Pillows:

  1. Cleanliness Although most hotels do a great job with house-keeping, many clients feel cleaner and safer trading an outfit in their suitcase for their own travel pillow. This is especially helpful for those whose travels take them off the beaten path to locals or hostels where the hygienic standards may be lower.

  2. Comfort In our 30 years of crafting fine down pillows, we have yet to discover a universally "perfect pillow." Choosing the perfect pillow for you is a personal choice, and may not be easy to find a close substitute at your next hotel or AirBNB. Packing your own pillow, with your choice of fill, helps you customize your sleep experience, no matter where you are.

  3. COVID-19 Although travel is opening back up, COVID is still a very real concern for many travelers. Bringing your own pillow is a simple way to pack peace-of-mind. Our St.Genève travel pillows come in a zippered travel bag and include a travel pillowcase - putting a little more space between you and everything else! For travelers who want to use their own pillow in the hotel and on the plane, we recommend bringing a spare pillowcase!

  4. There's No Place Like Home The smell of your laundry detergent, the feel of your favourite fabric... packing your own travel pillow can allow you to take a piece of home with you wherever you go. These subtle signs of home can help the brain wind down, so you get a good night's sleep.


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