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Pillow / Cushion Forms

Pillow / Cushion Forms

St Geneve makes truly superior pillow and cushion forms. Our fills are high quality downs, feathers, and blends, which means they will keep their firmness for a long time. natural fills will stay puffy for decades.


Our pillow and cushion forms are covered in a special washable fabric so you can keep them fresh and comfortable. We recommend taking large feather forms to the laundromat.

  • Down For the softest possible pillows / cushions with a lot of resilience, choose down fill. They are mouldable and comfortable.
    50% Down / 50% Feather A perfect blend. This fill gives soft support and is very resilient.
    20% Down / 80% Feather A firmer fill with more support and good resilience - our most popular for sofa cushions.
    Feather The firmest feeling with minimal bounce back. Lots of support, but not as soft.


    All forms are filled with a medium fill weight, soft and firm fill weights are also available.