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Interested in carrying St Genève in your luxury boutique or online store? Apply to become a St Genève retail partner today.


Shipping World Wide

With a keen entrepreneurial spirit and a wealth of experience in premium hospitality, we identified an opportunity to address the inconsistent standards of vacation rentals. Our frustration fueled our determination to create a brand that clients can trust to consistently provide products of the highest quality, style, and value. In a world that can sometimes seem overwhelming and inconsistent, we are committed to providing clear direction to energize your homes and Hydeaways.

Shipping to Canada and the United States

Luxury Sleep Shop specializes in the online sales of pillows and duvets, with free shipping throughout Canada and the United States.

Shipping to Canada and Mainland United States

Shades of Sleep offers the finest quality bed linens, duvets and pillows.

Shipping to the United States

Plumeria Bay offers the finest quality bed linens and goose down products made in the USA and Canada.

Shipping to the United States

Down Heaven is an online retailer devoted exclusively to a select line of St Genève duvets and pillows

Online Stockists
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