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Benefits of a good night Sheet!

Tossing and turning pulling at the covers, fitted sheets that roll up, too hot, too cold and night sweats… ugh! All of these extremes can have a negative effect on your sleep. Finding the right sheets and duvet will not only alleviate all those aforementioned issues, but will enhance your sleep and wellbeing, the right sheets and duvet may even create happiness.

Tips on how to have a happy sleep – first question to ask is what type of sleeper are you? Temperature plays an important role on how to achieve a great night sleep, so first determine what type of sleeper are you? Hot or cold, do you prefer the weight of a blanket or duvet, do you like soft or smooth, do you prefer crisp or relaxed? Once you have that sorted St Geneve has a wide range of sheets, coverlets, duvets and pillows to give you the best night sleep.


Linen one of the worlds oldest textiles. Linens qualities of balancing temperatures and being non allergenic, makes it perfect for hot sleepers, summer nights and enjoyed by many year round. Linens softness is created by the way the fabric is woven, lending to a more textural feel that will become softer with every wash.

Linen’s style is relaxed, so no stuffy shirts here please. Linen provides a cozy sanctuary ready for you to dive into its soft rippled supple energy. A matte finish with texture, so If your looking for a taut starchy style, head over to percale!


Sateen or percale cotton is a soft and smooth elegant choice. Cotton percale is cool and crisp which makes it ideal for hot sleepers, as this weave is more open and allows the fabric to sit up at attention keeping off the body allowing air to flow. While the sateen weave is smooth and soft it is ideal for cold sleepers, as the weave is close knit and offers a supple drape on the body. Sateen sheets will also become softer with every wash.


Duvets – St Geneve offers a wide range of fill options for your duvet. From Eiderdown to White goose to Wool and Silk, we have your comfort in mind, to give you peace of mind.

Piatra summer weight, Down Ultralight or Summer and Silk with Tencel all are ideal for hot sleepers and summer nights. For Cold sleepers will often enjoy Classic and Winter Weights to ensure a toasty night’s sleep.


If you share the bed, then our Euro twin option allows both sleepers to choose which fill and weight is best for them ensuring a restful undisturbed sleep.


  1. Bedtime Routine – Try to keep to a regular bedtime routine, aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night to feel well rested throughout your day. Going to bed and waking at the same time each day is ideal, being consistent reinforces your body’s sleep wake cycle.

  2. Diet – pay attention to what you eat and drink before bedtime. Try not to go to bed hungry or full, and ideally avoid heavy meals within a couple of hours before bedtime. Nicotine, caffeine and alcohol should also be avoided within a couple of hours before bedtime.

  3. Create a Sanctuary – keep your room cool, dark, quiet and eliminated of clutter. Keep a space where you can find peaceful restful energy without distractions. Calming activities such as baths or showers are wonderful relaxation techniques that promote better sleep.

  4. Nap Time – limit the length and amount of daytime naps. Naps in increments of 20 or 40 minutes are ideal but limiting to just one nap is best and avoid having naps too late in the day.

  5. Physical Activity – Regular physicals activity throughout your day can promote better sleep, a walk or sport or gym time can benefit, however try to avoid physical activities too close to bed time.

  6. Clear Your Mind – Try to relax your mind and be stress free before bedtime. Resolve issues and concerns before your bedtime, if you’re a constant thinker try a notepad beside the bed to jot down thoughts to clear your mind and set aside for the next day. Meditation and journaling also helps to clear the mind of the days activities so you can ease into a restful sleep.




Linen gets softer with each wash, be patient! Your linen will become more supple with every wash, gentle washing with luke warm temperature and drying on low is recommended, always check the washing instruction label.


Care for your Sateen with a gentle wash in warm, low spin and low dryer cycle is best.

Percale performs best with a warm wash and medium dryer temperature or enjoy their crisp freshness with line drying.


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