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Decorating with Cushions

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Elevate your space with a touch of St Genève luxury with our decorative cushions.

  • DECIDE ON YOUR COLOUR PALETTE Keep things simple by coordinating cushions with existing décor. Look for colours and patterns that will coordinate with the colours you are already using in your space

  • BE BOLD If you have a neutral colour palette, you can select two or three bold coloured cushions to inject depth into space. Balance bold prints and colours with cushions in neutral tones. If your furniture is patterned, use solids or textures to complement them.

  • VARY CUSHION SIZE AND SHAPE Add visual interest by varying sizes and shapes. Two different sized cushions will look more interesting.

  • CREATE AN INVITING SPACE A karate chop in the center of the cushion can create a lived-in, inviting look or fluff your cushions all the way up for a formal elegance.⁠

  • STYLE FOR THE SEASONS Whether you’re hoping to bring in festive seasonal hues or bring on-trend colours into your space, cushions are an awesome way to do so without making a large investment in new furniture. Generally, spring and summer call for bright colours like yellows and greens; autumn and winter call for dark jewel and earth tones like garnet, navy, and grey. These colours can work in partnership with the weather outside.

Ready to decorate with cushions? We offer a wide range of sizes and stunning fabrics to suit any room in your home! Find a retailer & shop

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