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Caring for your Dormeir Protector

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Like a quality wool sweater, your St Dormeir wool protector is designed to provide you with a lifetime of comfort. Wool naturally regulates temperature, keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. All it requires is a little extra care!

  • Machine wash: Your Dormeir protector must be washed in a cycle with low agitation, high spin, warm water only. Wash only in a front loading machine or a top loading machine without an agitator. Check your washer's manual for a short cycle with less agitation, and a high spin (often wool or permanent press settings will work well, please refer to your manual)

  • Wash a full load Fill the washing machine to the maximum with St Dormeir products. If needed, add towels to achieve a full load.

  • Use an Enzyme-Free Detergent Use an enzyme-free detergent like Woolite Baby or Kookaburra Wash.

  • Hang to dry Dormeir protectors generally dry overnight, and this is the best way to protect them. Drape over a shower rod, a door top, or even across a couple of kitchen chairs.

  • Dry clean Dry cleaning works well on Dormeir products and will ensure their fit and function for years to come. Please note, that the original label states 'do not dry clean' - but a recent update to the product makes them safe to dry clean.

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