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Our Holiday Shopping Guide

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Gifts for: Colleagues, friends, in-laws, and more

Everyone appreciates a great throw. This sought-after and functional decor piece brings warmth and luxury to any room.

Throws come in various styles and fabric content, making them an excellent option for every budget.

Gifts for: Girlfriends, Wives, Mother-In-Law, Sister-in-Law, and more

Give the gift of beauty sleep with our Beauty Benefits pillowcases. Choose Serenity, a silk-cotton blend, or splurge on Purity, a luminous pure silk pillowcase. Sleeping on silk can help improve the condition of hair and skin while they sleep.

Gifts for: Newlyweds, University Students, and more

For those who need a little more comfort in their lives, a set of quality flannel sheets makes a wonderful gift. Flannel is the perfect holiday gift for newlyweds, University students, or even our own spouses!

Our Cozi flannel is woven from 100% cotton, and is a great upgrade from the cotton-poly blends often found at department stores. Enjoy the comfort and breathability of 100% natural cotton flannel.

Looking for something with an added "wow" factor? Check out our new Kasmir sheets. The coziness of flannel, with the added luxury of cashmere, will keep your loved one warm and comfy during the cold winter months.

Gifts for: Those Who Make the Nice List

Give the gift of a lifetime of comfort. Our heirloom quality duvets are handcrafted to be treasured for decades to come.

Gifts for: Those Who Make the VERY Nice List (Or Those Who Have Everything Else)

An Eiderdown Duvet is the quintessential gift for the person who lives for quality and exclusivity. These duvets, filled with Canada's prized natural resource down from the wild Canadian Eider duck is rarer than a Lamborghini!

This highly valued down sheds naturally from wild Eider ducks and is sustainably hand-collected from each nest with the upmost care. Its outstanding cling and insulation make the best duvets in the world. Canadian Eiderdown is sourced through an estuary in Quebec, and proceeds from the sales go towards habitat conservation for Canadian Eider ducks and other species unique to the region making Eiderdown a gift that feels good in more way than one!


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