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Green: good for the bedroom?

Green is one of the most evocative colours. Depending on its hue and pairing it can create a relaxing atmosphere or an energetic over-the-top space. It is a colour we are comfortable seeing in dining rooms, bathrooms and especially kitchens. However, in the bedroom, green has been bashful in its debut. Now in 2024 green is bigger and bolder! The colour has opened the palette to include hues from Lime Rickey to Cedar with all intensities in between. If you are looking for inspiration, and are wondering if the green bedroom design is for your bedroom, keep reading, as we have the perfect colour pairs, the must-do and the should-avoid tips covered.

Swatch of Alfie Teal baby alpaca throw by St Genève

Why is green good for a bedroom?

The first question to answer is why green works. Known for peace, prosperity, joy, serenity, and creativity, green is a colour full of positive vibes. With green, you can embrace positive feng shui in your bedroom décor.

The second question we must address is the importance of the bedroom. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. It’s the room responsible for your sleeping health. Its colour impacts directly on your well-being, as it can send you to sleep or energize you in the morning to start your day (you see where I am going with this). In summary, use the colour to help you have a better sleeping pattern. Choose the right hue according to your personal needs.

These questions bring us to…

Swatch of Divina Celadon throw by St Genève

How to design a green bedroom?

When you start designing your bedroom consider the three most important elements of design: colour, light, and texture. Start by picking a colour palette you like. If you are not sure what colour to pick, don’t worry, we have some recommendations below.

Start to observe your bedroom. If you want to design your room from scratch, you will need to take into consideration the architectural features of the room. Embrace the quirks of your bedroom and use them to ground your design. However, if your room lacks uniqueness, it is time to make bigger changes.

You can paint the walls, or you could add wallpaper! Wallpaper adds a sophisticated element that will create a cohesive style throughout the room. “Choose something eclectic and moody, or calming and bright, to enlighten the senses and blend beautifully with your chosen palette,” recommends St Genève’s Creative Director Lossen Zimmerman.

If you are not planning on touching the walls, and are looking to establish a mood, go no further than the light section. Light is all about ambiance and practicality. You can opt for the regular bedside lamps on the night tables, but you can always go further, from floor lamps to ceiling chandeliers. It all depends on the level of renovation and investment you are willing to commit to. Simple wall sconces or pendant lamps are ideal as they won't take up any of your bedside table room and will elevate your design.

To start adding texture, start with the big items in the room. The headboard trends include ceiling-reaching height for tall ceilings, adding natural wood beauty, or upholstered texture from linens to velvets, for a more glamorous feel. These options work well with St Genève’s motto “The bed is the room's focal point.” A high-end bed with beautiful duvet covers and elegant linens not only gives you high-quality bedding, but a luxury bed that is both beautiful and functional.

Lastly, you can add more textiles and pops of colour with cushions, throws and window treatments. Choosing Euro-sized cushions 26 x 26 inches or 31 x 31 inches also adds interest to the top of the bed and can be changed out as often as your mood and style change without replacing your headboard.

Swatch of Alfie Cedar baby alpaca throw by St Genève

What colours go with green in a bedroom?

It is very common to have a neutral palette as the base for a bedroom, which may be in beige, grey or white. However, when building a green bedroom, we want to complement this base and use these tones as a canvas.

If you have a beige undertone, you can think of warm tones to complement. The contrary occurs if you have white, especially if is blueish-white. Grey however can be tricky, for the past decade the available greys had a cold undertone, but now it is transforming into a warmer one. Make sure you have samples of the fabrics you want and compare them to your home greys. You can be surprised by the difference!

Once you know what “canvas colour” or “undertone” you are working with, we can start exploring the colour combinations that go well with green. If you are doing a complete makeover, and you can decide on a completely new colour palette, think about your sleeping needs. Do you need help waking up in the morning?  Or do you need a calming space to fall asleep? Now is the time to use green to relax or to energize!

Green bedroom colours

Because green pairs well with both cool and warm tones, green allows you to focus on your favourite colours. We will go over some of our favourite colour combinations, that surely will make your green bedroom a true sleep sanctuary.

Green and white

The Modern Green Bedroom - Whether you like the deep Spruce greens, or prefer the pop of Apple green; without discussion green on white creates vibrance. You can add wood tones on functional items like baskets or shelves if you want a warmer look. If your jam is a minimalist look, go for black, grey, and clean lines.

Green and cream

For a formal aesthetic, a traditional green room can be achieved with rich tones of oatmeal undertones and soft greens layered in symmetry—Timeless and elegant. Imagine, floor-to-ceiling headboards, geometric mouldings, textured wallpaper, and layered draperies. Add chandeliers, glass and mirrors – for some glam.  

Textures like plaid throws and jacquards will elevate your décor.

Green and orange

The Mid-Century Modern style is super trendy right now. To achieve it you will need the proper colour combination and the right furniture. But, if you are not completely convinced, or you just want a hint of the style, you can add the right textures to bring it to life. Teal can be seen as a blue/green tone, perfect for the Mid-Century Modern style when you pair it with a Capri Terracotta or a Divina Amber.

Green and pink

Pink on green screams transitional. By combining modern silhouettes with traditional textures, you can create an interior aesthetic rooted in tradition and elevated by a modern colour palette.

Most transitional undertones are set on the warm greys and creams. This flexibility allows you to add green and pink as you wish. The only constraint is to keep a softer tone. Think pastels and dusty rose, fossil green and Spanish moss.

Use a floral or geometric duvet cover to create the focal point, and include modern side tables or lamps to update the look. If you like a little glam, add textures like a Divina Rose Quartz throw or a Zora Rosé coverlet to your bed for extra layers of chic softness.

Green Themed Bedrooms

Sometimes it’s not just about the colour palette but about the style of the space. We have prepped a few sought-after styles that you can assemble. Here are some trendy new green bedroom styles that you must see.

The Green Earthy Bedroom

Let the outside in! To create the ultimate biophilic interior, incorporate organic textures and earthy colours, from a daring hazel to a soft pink. Let nature into your bedroom with live plants, wood, woven baskets, leafy prints, and natural fabrics. Your bedroom will be the respite you need.

The Green Eclectic Bedroom

The eclectic green bedroom is a complete statement. This style incorporates lush patterns and bold colours. There is no fear when creating an eclectic green bedroom.

“Don’t be afraid to go bold with brights, there is no correlation that the bedroom must be subdued.”- says Lossen.

Go for beautiful deep tones, and add your pop of colour in cushions and shams. Balance it all with warm undertones in large pieces like rugs or throws. Finish with a bright and bold explosion of multi-directional floral patterns. Eclectic is all about your favourite meaningful pieces that showcase you.

The Green Floral Bedroom

A modern floral bedroom is the epitome of elegance. Make the bed your focal point with hand-drawn patterns, subtle flowers, and quiet tones.

The floral and green bedroom encapsulates that calm, quiet and gentle breeze of spring. The lilac and ochre pops of colour surrounded by multiple green tones, deliver a relaxing, joyful feeling. Pick oatmeal undertones to achieve that easy carefree style filled with grace.

High Quality Bedding

Whether you designed your bedroom to snooze you or to kick you out of bed, sleeping health is a must. Finish your room design with quality bed sheets like the Capri line.

Add modern duvet covers and the highest quality pillows, duvets and mattress toppers in feather or down. Not sure which one is the best? Continue reading here and find out which is better in our blog, Down vs Feather.

What style of green bedroom do you prefer?

  • A relaxed bedroom

  • An energetic bedroom


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