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How to Style with Two Duvets

Updated: 4 days ago

According to a 2012 study by the Better Sleep Council, one in three Americans are having trouble sleeping. Another study, by Premier Inn in the UK, found that the average couple had over 160 arguments per year in the bedroom, with hogging the duvet rating as the number 1 reason for fighting.

Traditionally, many Scandinavian couples choose to sleep with two smaller duvets on their bed instead of one. In recent years, sleep experts in North America have even jumped on the two-duvet bandwagon. Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine’s Rafael Pelayo, M.D. often recommends separate bedding for couples struggling with sleep.

  • No more duvet hogging!

  • Each person can choose their optimal warmth (fill level) and create their own personal biodome under their duvet

  • Sleep undisturbed by partner’s nocturnal movements or activities

  • Better relationship satisfaction

With this in mind, we developed our Euro Twin size. At 54" x 94", the Euro Twin is designed to fit two duvets perfectly on a king or queen size bed.

The benefits are obvious, but how do we style two duvets on one bed?

Hit play and join Creative Director Lossen Zimmerman as she demonstrates three ways to style the Euro Twin:



A simple way to make the bed, duvets are simply folded in half vertically and placed side-by side. A coverlet, throw, or bed scarf can be placed at the foot of the bed to create a look of unity.


If you prefer a more formal styling, try our grand hotel styling, inspired by the many European hotels that provide two duvets to guests. Fold your duvet in half horizontally, and then fold it in thirds. Top with a sleeping pillow and a small decorative pillow.


The most similar to the typical North American way of making the bed, simply lay the duvets over the bed, allowing them to overlap slightly in the center. This is a versatile method that allows you to style however you like. You can pile on an abundance of pillows (as above) for a comfortable, cozy look, or place pillows in a traditional formation with euros, back pillows, and sleeping pillows layered in. This style also looks fantastic with a coverlet or bed scarf at the foot of the bed, pulling the whole look together.


  • No more fighting over the covers: improved relationship satisfaction

  • Create your personal biodome: each person can choose their optimal warmth (fill) level

  • Sleep undisturbed by your partner’s nocturnal movements or activities

  • Less laundry: Flat sheets generally aren't used in two-duvet beds.

  • Take a little piece of home with you: small enough to use as a travel duvet


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