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Product Spotlight: Colette

Updated: Apr 15

Colette is the perfect linen for creating a bedroom sanctuary that feels like your very own quaint B&B. Drift off to sleep in Colette's classic gingham and imagine yourself riding a red bicycle through the streets of Amsterdam or strolling colorful port cities of Nova Scotia.

Styling notes:

  • This cottage couture look is all about natural light and casual elegance

  • Colette features a charming button band on shams, allowing you to show and share the detail by placing shams front to back for a playful style - or let the 2" flange drape by placing the pillows stacked on one another for a relaxed style.

  • Elevate with Veritae, our lyocell-linen blend, for a look that is crisp and sustainable.

  • Mix with natural linen to create a textural haven.

  • Accent with a pop of navy, yellow or red to bring a burst of sunshine to your decor.


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