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How to Refresh your Duvet in Summer

Ah, the glorious arrival of summer!

Dryer, warmer days are the perfect season to breathe new life into your beloved St. Genève goose-down duvet. Since it is not recommended to wash your duvet very often, it is important to air it out every summer. But how can you ensure you do it right? Here is our easy guide to refreshing your duvet. It’s a breeze! #Funsummeractivity


Your best conditions would be the middle of a dry stretch, meaning sunny skies and low humidity. The air is usually humid and not as effective if it is cloudy or has rained recently. Hence, a mix of sun and shade is ideal. A nice breeze is a lucky add-on. In summary: bright, sunny, dry, and breezy is the perfect recipe for a refreshed down duvet.


It's not ideal to wash your duvet frequently - air it out every summer! Opt for sunny, dry, and breezy weather. Hang it out for 4-5 hours so the sun can kill bacteria and germs. #Fresh


Thoroughly shaking and fluffing your duvet before hanging/laying it will loosen up any accumulated dust inside. It’s recommended to give it a gentle hit with a tennis or badminton racket on a flat surface. Remember to be gentle so you don’t damage the internal structure of your duvet. #funwithduvets


We’re sure your duvet now feels refreshed and pampered, having experienced the summer outdoors. You’ll notice the difference right away!

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