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Summer Duvets: Switch to Lighter Weights for Warmer Temps

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

How to choose the perfect duvet for summer

How to Choose the Perfect Summer Duvet for You

(and Everyone in Your Family)

Join our Lossen, our Creative Director, and Jo-Anne, our Director of Fabulous Duvets, Pillows, and Protectors, for a Q&A in our Showroom, and learn more about how to choose the perfect summer duvet for you and everyone in your family.

Choose Lighter Weights for Warmer Temps and Better Sleeps

We look forward to summer's arrival all year long—longer days, warmer temperatures, and more time outside exploring and relaxing. So, let's make sure you're rested and refreshed every morning so you can make the most of every day, wherever summer takes you.

If you love your down, but you love your sleep even more, switch to lighter-weight down duvets when the temperatures rise.

Summer Weight


  • 50% the weight of our Classic duvets—gives you the most incredibly soft coverage and a perfect barely-there feeling; ideal for even warmer nights and warmer sleepers

  • Ultralight is available in our Premium James Bay and Embassy duvets, as well as our Signature Salzburg, Ziegler, and Lajord duvets


  • Our Silk duvets are an amazing alternative to down for the warmest summer months.

  • Filled with hand-layered Wild Tussah Silk, they help you stay cool by naturally regulating your body temperature

  • Our premium silk fill and cotton covers are incredibly breathable—they naturally wick moisture away from your body to keep you cool and comfortable all night long

Customize with Euro Twins

Just because you share a bed, it doesn't mean you have to share a duvet.

Customize your down and duvet with our Euro Twin sizedesigned so that two Euro Twins fit perfectly on a queen or king bed.

You choose Summer weight, they choose Ultralight—you're both (almost) guaranteed to have a better sleep.

Plus, you can customize your duvet covers depending on the texture and feel that suits each of you best:

  • Crisp and cool 100% pure cotton percale, like Venice (in 100% Italian long-staple cotton); Nico Organic (100% organic German long-staple cotton), or the ultralight Sussurro (100% Italian cotton)

  • Natural and breathable 100% Italian linen, like our Nicola, Colette, or the lighter weight Lucia.

  • Soft, silky 100% cotton sateen, like our lighter weight Flora (in Giza 45 Egyptian cotton) or signature Capri (100% Italian extra-long-staple cotton in 90 colours)

Bonus: Euro Twin is the perfect, packable travel-size duvet.

Please note: all of our Premium and Signature duvets are available in the Euro Twin size except the Söving and Silk duvets.

Top it Off With a Coverlet

Designer tip: Create a fresh, simple, and unified look by topping off the Euro Twins on your queen or king bed with the perfect summer coverlet—Michelle Waffle in 100% long-staple cotton, in White or Platinum, made in Portugal for St Genève. Also available in 3 sizes of shams.

Summer Storage Tips

Now that you've found the perfect summer duvet(s) for you and everyone in the family, take the time to carefully pack up your Classic or Winter weight for the season.

  • Fold and store it in the St Genève bag you received when you purchased your duvet. If you no longer have the bag, wrap it in a clean sheet—a great alternative.

  • Avoid storing in plastic to prevent the risk of capturing or creating moisture in the bag.

  • Avoid vacuum packing your duvet, which can crush and damage the down clusters.


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