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Product Spotlight: Vista

Updated: Apr 15

Contemporary and breezy, Vista is a beautifully soft cotton jacquard mélange.

When styling for our photoshoot, we chose to channel urban penthouse chic: elegant lighting paired with minimalist furniture, bedside tchotchkes for personality, and a sparkle of chrome.

Available in four subdued colorways which are enhanced by the pairing of Capri 90 for a windowpane on the shams and coordinating sheeting. Don't be afraid of colour! And, remember, it doesn't always have to be bold and bright. Subtle hues can make an equally breathtaking statement.

A pop of colour is brought in with potted plants, one of the top-rated design trends of 2021 from The Spruce. "Sure, plants make any space look beautiful. But they also positively impact your health by purifying the air and even improving your mood — which is something we could all use after 2020."

Design notes:

  • Vista Platinum and Lichen look wonderful when paired chrome accents

  • Vista Terra and Sand pair wonderfully with gold or brass accents

  • Potted plants from Botany & Bloom Vancouver

  • Lighting from Heathfield & Co.


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