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Linea | Linen Jacquard

Linea | Linen Jacquard

100% linen

185 gsm
Fabric from Italy 
Sewn in Canada


Shoreline inspired. Linea is a tonal jacquard, that evokes relaxation through clean lines. Depict driftwood on the beach with Linea Latte and Pannacotta, as it provides a natural coordinate to your surroundings. Portray a monochromatic sandstone with Linea Shale and Chalk, and offer a quiet shade; a sense of tranquility. Combine monochromatic subtle geometrics and neutral textured fabrics to create interest while keeping the space calm and inviting.


This product is made from MASTERS OF LINEN® certified European Flax®.

  • Duvet Cover

    Latte backed in Pannacotta

    Shale backed in Chalk

    Knife edge

    Seam zipper



    Latte backed in Pannacotta

    Shale Backed in Chalk

    1.5" flange

    Vertical back button band



    Pattern overall

    Knife edge

    Vertical overlap back

    Cushion forms included