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Choosing the perfect fall throw

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

With the changing season, now is the time to add the seasons most sought after décor piece: The Throw.

With so many fabrics and styles to choose from, how do you decide? Consider lifestyle, wear, and decor needs. Are there any children or pets in the home, any allergies? Will it be used and washed often? Is pilling or snagging a concern? Or are you looking to add a decor piece for pizzaz?

Throws come in a wide beautiful range of textures and colours, which will add warmth and dimension to your bedroom or living room.

Consider these textiles when looking for your next throw

  • Blended fabrics are also an economical way to go. Popular blends, like Merino wool and cashmere blends lending to softness and longevity. More cashmere means the price will go up, but so will the luxe factor. Cotton and wool blends are also long-lasting and cozy.

  • Linen adds a contemporary and modern take

  • Cotton can be woven to make a throw that is as soft as it is easy to live with (try our popular Patrizia and Michelle throws)

  • Throws made with sustainable product are also at top of mind so always know where your materials are coming from buy from a brand you can trust.

You’ll find me curled up in my luxury throw and enjoy the autumn coolness sipping spiced cider or the other sought after seasonal favourite of pumpkin spice…Enjoy!

Keep well, and stay cozy!



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