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10 Steps for Spring-Cleaning Your Bedroom

Updated: May 2

Why deep clean your bedroom?

Spring cleaning is the opportunity (or excuse) to give your space a deep clean. We cannot advise you on how to clean other areas of your home except the bedroom, as we are bedroom experts! On average a person spends one-third of their day on their bed – needless to say that this accumulates dust. Although cleaning regularly keeps the space tidy and hygienic, a deep clean can give all your bedding a long-lasting life and improve your well-being.  

Where To Start

Because spring cleaning is more than your regular dusting and sheet change, you might need to plan for what you want to clean, and when. Doing everything in one go might be too much, so let’s break it all down into manageable loads.

How To Spring Clean

We suggest breaking down the task into three main areas. You can tackle them in any order according to your time:

1.       The Bed. This includes mattresses, mattress protectors, mattress toppers, pillows, blankets, coverlets, shams, cushions, bed skirts, sheets and duvets.

2.       The Room. This is the architectural space, including walls, ceiling, ceiling fan and/or light, doors, baseboards, and floor including rugs, carpets, under the bed and behind furniture.

3.       The Closet. This includes all furniture (from a dresser, and nightstands, to a walk-in closet) in the room meant to hold personal items (like clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.)

The Spring Cleaning Plan

Clear your calendar, gather all your tools and put on your headphones with your favourite tunes, because it will take a while!

1.       Strip your bed of all bedding, check the label of each item and separate those that can be washed at home (machine wash and hand wash) from those that need dry cleaning. Separate in piles accordingly. Consider taking your duvet to the dry cleaner if you do not have enough space in your dryer for proper drying conditions.

Image of open laundry machine

2.       Wash your duvet according to the label (see this video for guidance). For your down pillows follow the advice of this video. Use delicate laundry soap and consider an extra rinse for better results.

3.       Spot clean your mattress, vacuum it and flip it - unless advised otherwise by the manufacturer. If the weather allows and it is not too complicated for you, let the mattress air outside for a few hours while you clean the room.

Now that the bed is out of the way, and the mattress is outside, it is time to clean the space.

4.       To clean the room, start from the ceiling to the floor to avoid getting other areas dirty. Use a ladder or sturdy chair to clean your light fixtures and fan. Plan to do this during the day so you can clean them without needing to turn on the light.

5.       While energy is strong, move to the windows. Remove curtains for washing or vacuum curtains. Next, dust blinds or curtain rods. Lastly, wash the glass.

Woman washing window

6.       Do doors and walls together. Start by separating furniture from the walls, and removing any decorations that you have on the walls. Remember to – wipe baseboards, dust and wash stains on walls and doors, clean light switches, remove cobwebs and clean door handles.

You can put away any art item that you want to change, it is good to use this as an opportunity to redecorate!

7.       Before tackling floors, remove all items you can from the room. If you can’t move them out, place them in the center of the room for cleaning. For the floors – sweep and mop or vacuum and shampoo (including under the bed and behind furniture). Don’t forget the rugs and carpets!

Vacuum of rug

The next section is ideal to do while your bedding and curtains are in the wash, and the carpet or rugs are drying in the bedroom. It is time to tackle the closet!

8.       Bring out from storage all your spring and summer wardrobe, décor and bedding. Take them outside and hang them before an open window to catch the breeze before putting them on the bed.

9.       Remove all items from your nightstands and dresser. Clean the furniture and vacuum your fabric headboard. Now you are ready to divide all your belongings into 5 categories:

a.       Keep and clean – clean all items and set them aside to put them back into place

b.       Clean and store – seasonal items can go into storage after cleaning them

c.        Repair – items that you care for that can be upcycled, or repaired

d.       Donate – items in good condition that will be useful for someone else

e.       Throw away – make sure you separate those that can be recycled

Once all items have been catalogued you can tackle each pile accordingly. First, clean everything that will be stored so it is not in the way. Be sure to wash or dry clean winter clothing before packing anything away for the season. Secondly, take out all items that will be thrown away. Third, put your donation pile directly in your car or in your donation box – if you do not have one, now is a good time to make one! The same goes for your repairing items.

Photo of donation box

10.    Bring back your furniture – if you want now is the time to change the direction of the bed. Rotate the wardrobe in your closet and drawers. For the final touch consider a micro makeover of your room. Switch out your décor items – including the art on your walls, and the trinkets on your nightstand. That’s the best part of spring cleaning!


For the final touch, it is time to dress your clean bed. We recommend using a mattress protector to dodge spot cleaning. Also, use pillow protectors like the ION to avoid having to wash your pillows so often.

The ION Pillow Protector by St Genève

For the changing weather use percale sheets to remain fresh all night like Hotel Roma or organic bedding like Nico Organic. It is time to add your favourite Spring/Summer duvet, whether it is a Silk duvet, a Summer Weight Down Duvet or an Ultralight Down Duvet (not sure what we are talking about? Check this post or watch this video) you will sleep more comfortable with a thin cover.

Lastly, match your spring vibes with our Spring/Summer collection Oasis, and enjoy your clean space!

Oasis Collection by St Genève


Download our Spring Clean Checklist to help you track your cleaning progress.

Spring Clean - Checklist
Download PDF • 515KB

We wish you a wonderful sunny season!

St Genève Team


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