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Get Down for Travel

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

While you might not travel to a mountaintop, and wrap yourself in a St Genève duvet on your next vacation (like Merry Lou here during our February photoshoot), we definitely recommend you don't leave home without it.

The best down duvet for travel

Do More Than Dream About Your Next Vacation

Now that the borders have opened up, and you can finally do more than just dream about our next vacation, you need to make the absolute most of your precious time away.

Sleep disruption is all too common when we travel—whether from a time change and subsequent jet lag; unfamiliar bed, bedding, and noises; light exposure; or temperature and climate changes.

While we can't always control all of these elements when we travel, one of the best ways to maintain your sleep schedule and overall wellness is to bring your St Genève Travel Pillow and Travel Duvet wherever you go.

Enjoy extraordinary comfort and luxury on-the-go with our down travel pillows and duvets that are designed and handcrafted by our team of experts here in our atelier in Vancouver, Canada.

We use some of the world's finest down and pure 100% cotton dust-mite-proof shells to create travel pillows and duvets that provide superior softness and support—they're also lightweight, naturally temperature-regulating, machine washable, and come with their own fabric travel bags.

Don't Leave Home Without Them

St Genève Down Travel Pillow

This delightful little Travel Pillow will be a faithful companion on all your travels. It's the perfect size—big enough for a comfortable sleep en route and at your destination, and also folds up into its small carry bag for easy packing (16” x 20”). Choose White Goose Down for maximum luxe and comfort.

St Genève Down Travel Duvet

We've designed our Travel Duvet to be light, compact, convenient, and luxurious comfort on-the-go. Our 54" x 94" Travel Duvet can be folded and placed in your suitcase—it will press down to only 4 to 5 cm, and fluff up beautifully when you arrive and unpack.

A Good Sleep = A Great Vacation

Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure, or a little of both, without proper rest you'll be missing out. The last thing you want to feel—now that you're finally taking that long-awaited vacation—is tired, irritable, and low in energy and mood.

The Sleep Foundation reminds us that,

Sleep allows the brain and body to slow down and engage in processes of recovery, promoting better physical and mental performance the next day and over the long-term. What happens when you don’t sleep is that these fundamental processes are short-circuited, affecting thinking, concentration, energy levels, and mood. Learn more.

Also, as you may know from experience, if you travel east or west more than three time zones, jet lag can cause significant sleep problems. Get more amazing tips on How To Get Over Jet Lag from the Sleep Foundation.

When Only the Best Will Do

Not only do you deserve a vacation after two long years of lock down, uncertainty, anxiety, and stress, but you deserve the best possible experience.

Make the most of your time away with a little luxury and comfort from home—your St Genève Travel Pillow and Travel Duvet will go a long way to making sure that every waking moment of your next adventure is both pleasurable and memorable.

Add a little more luxury and comfort for a good night's sleep with our fine Lounge and Sleepwear, including fine 100% cotton and silk-cotton sleepshirts, pyjamas, and robes.

Enjoy the journey and the destination with St Genève.


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