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Introducing Bloom, our Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

Introducing Bloom, our Spring/Summer 2023 Collection. With Bloom, beauty will abound whether you love the subtly of fine patterns, rich textures, and soft neutrals, or the boldness of big characterful prints and exquisite jacquards in saturated pastels and rich iridescent hues.


Seeing fibres in their natural state from cotton to silk and seeing the process of agriculture to design is very exciting to me. A truly back-to-nature inspiration that all the beauty of the world is grown from the earth and with time and patience we are able to create amazing tapestries that tell a story that brings comfort and joy.

Discover The Magic of Spring

Vibrant pastels bring the indulgence of joy and a fresh style while creating a relaxing environment full of whimsy and confidence. Never out of trend or style enjoy the soft subtle vibrance of Pinks, Greens, and Blue all sparking joy.

How to Decide

Take a look around your home and see the natural continuity that is throughout. Are you collecting blue glass or vintage tea cups and vases, are you fascinated with teak and a mid-century modern feel or is everything chrome or stainless…your style is already there just take a look around. Bloom will give you the confidence to create a space that reflects the uniqueness of you.

  • Blossom with Bloom’s 6 new bed linen designs: Celine, Josette, Colette Stripe, Valmont, L'Amour, and Primavera.

  • Linho -- saturated pastels and warm tones.

  • Wool and Silk Duvets -- Just in time for Spring and Summer, our natural Tusseh silk duvets and our Merino wool duvets and pillows are perfect to keep you comfortable during the warmer nights to ensure a restful sleep.

As always, you can delight in the finest finishings and attention to detail - each of Bloom’s luxury beds is made in our Atelier in Vancouver, BC.

“Celebrate and create beauty in the here and now.”

-Lossen Zimmerman, Creative Director


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