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Introducing Pasioni, our Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Introducing Pasioni, our Fall/Winter 2022 Collection. With its bold colours, refined

fibres, and elegant weaves, Pasioni opens up a world of possibilities for designing your sanctuary.


Creative Director Lossen Zimmerman was inspired by the dramatic stylings of The Great Gatsby and the unapologetic high fashion of Milan.

Discover Your Passion

Our hope is that Pasioni will give you the confidence to create a space that reflects both who you are and what inspires you. Ignite your senses with intricate jacquards in rich jewel tones and metallics.

  • Ignite your sense with 6 new bed linen designs: Martine, Fiero, Fitzgerald, Zora, Opaline, and Royce

  • Tivoli—elegant jacquard table linens, now available in white and sable.

  • Baby Alpaca Throws - in a variety of ultra-cozy colours or patterns: Alfie (Solid), Mika (Plaid), Cici (Stripe), and Nina (Double Faced)

As always, you can delight in the finest finishings and attention to detail - each of Pasioni’s luxury beds is made in our Atelier in Vancouver, BC.

“Pursue your passions and create spaces that reflect the uniqueness of you.”

-Lossen Zimmerman, Creative Director

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