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Table Linens for Everyday Elegance

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Easy to care for, table linens aren't just for special events: they bring mealtime joy and elevate even the most humble of takeout dinners.

Instead of making it a chore, make setting the table a joy with playful settings, joyful colours, and beautiful designs. Look forward to it as a creative pre-dinner ritual or a fun way to include little ones in preparing for dinner.

Elements of a Luxury Table Setting

  • Tablecloth In addition to being a beautiful part of decor, tablecloths also serve as an important protective layer between your dishes and your table.

  • Placemats Opt for washable fabric placemats or those in wipeable textures (we love these from Chiliwich). They make for unique layered tablescapes and are easy to clean up. You may choose not to use a tablecloth and, instead, choose to showcase your beautiful dining room table: don't skip the placemat, they will protect your furniture and make clean-up a breeze!

  • Napkins Fabric napkins are a wonderful, sustainable alternative to single-use paper products. Plus, they can be folded in a variety of decorative ways.

  • Trivets Again, protecting your beautiful furniture is an essential function of your table setting. Trivets should be heat-proof and non-abrasive to protect your dining table from heat without scratching.

  • Decorative Accents This is our favourite part: Making your table your own with decorative accents. Choose what brings you joy: Table runner, napkin rings, place cards, charger plates, fresh florals, ribbon accents, and more!

In addition to adding elegance, table settings make for easy cleanup Tablecloths and fabric napkins can be tossed in the wash and are a great eco-friendly alternative to single-use paper and plastics. Here are some of our top tips for care:

  • Choose machine-washable textiles The best table linens are those that can be washed out at home. Simply shake off any debris into the kitchen sink or garbage, and toss into the washing machine

  • Go zen with your ironing When done right, ironing your table linens can be a calming activity. Here are our best tips for ironing table linens:

    • Always set your iron to the right temperature for best results

    • Use the steam setting when ironing cotton and linen

    • Expecially for linen, iron when damp from the wash to easily eliminate wrinkles

  • Ready for a moment's notice Store folded and in a convenient location, so you can grab at a moment's notice!


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