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Traditions at the Table

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Table linens are a wonderful way to build tradition and memories around the table.

My Grandmother always brought a blue and green plaid tablecloth out for meals at her home. She has since passed, but I hold onto that linen and enjoy it with my family, bringing it out for Sunday brunch and other special meals.

I feel a sense of nostalgia and know she is with me through the presence of her tablecloth. Luckily for me, it is not only nostalgic - it is a classic design. I enjoy bringing my own style and decor to the table alongside my heirloom, pairing it with simple white fabric napkins with coordinating embroidered monograms.

I have followed my grandmother's lead my own family has special traditions centered around the table. I purchased a 'Circus Celebration' tablecloth for my daughter's first birthday. It has debuted for every birthday since - whether we are celebrating 10, 30, or 40! Recently, my oldest daughter turned 21. I wasn't sure if she would want the circus celebration but, to my surprise and delight, she insisted on it, saying "it's tradition!" I look forward to passing this piece down to my daughters so they may enjoy it and create their own traditions and memories.

Who would have thought that something as simple as a tablecloth could hold such a rich tapestry of memories?

I encourage you to create your own special ritual around mealtime with beautiful linens. Here are my tips for creating a memorable and beautifultablescape:

  • Choose a classic design

    • Opt for simple elegance in solid colours and classic patterns that you can use for years to come

  • Have an assortment of colours and designs

    • Mix and match for a touch of whimsy and charm

    • Easily select for the right occasion - you don't want to be worried about using your whites alongside your famous homemade marinara sauce

  • Embrace your family identity

    • Embroider napkins with your family monogram - a nod to formality and family pride

    • You can even embroider with first initials - a chic way to keep track of who's-who!


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