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Bespoke Bedskirts

Bespoke Bedskirts

To view a full list of fabrics available for bedskirts, click here. 


Each St Genève bedskirt is handmade, with attention to every detail. We are able to customize your bedskirt for perfect fit and styling.  We make each bedskirt individually and can tailor it perfectly to your bed. Most bedskirts are fully lined; this gives the skirt more body and a better drape for a smooth look, while also ensuring no stitching is visible.


  • Choose between our Panel Design or Deck Design
  • Tailored or Ruffled styles are available for most fabrics
  • Our attentive seamstresses may determine that your fabric is best suited for blind stitching rather than lining it, as is the case with many heavy materials
  • Dry clean only, our bedskirt designs do not allow for shrinkage
  • All corners are open - closed by request only
  • All bed skirts come in the decked style unless otherwise noted on your order. i.e. panels
  • Find a stockist near you to order your bespoke bedskirt
  • To ensure a perfect fit for years to come, all bedskirts are dry clean only.