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Primavera | Linen Jacquard

Primavera | Linen Jacquard

100% linen

260 gsm

Fabric from Italy

Sewn in Canada


With a nod to the rich history of fine Italian tapestries and textiles, Primavera celebrates the fine art of weaving and fine finishing details. Primavera is a modern masterpiece in rich saturated pastels, golden tones, and a natural matte linen finish.  Woven with the finest 100% Italian linen means it feels as good as it looks with a sumptuous softness and elegant drape.

  • Duvet Cover

    Backed in Nicola Linen or pattern overall

    11/2" flange

    Back button band


    Regular Shams

    Pattern overall

    1 1/2" flange

    Back button band



    Pattern overall

    Knife edge with 1/8" self piping and seam zipper

    Cushion forms included