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Set Them Up For Success

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Create a Sleep Sanctuary For Your College Kid(s)

One of life’s major milestones is sending your kids off to college or university for the first time.

You’ve spent the last 18 years doing everything you can to prepare them for this major step toward adulthood and independence, but once they’ve flown the coop, there’s only so much you can do.

A Slippery Slope to Sleep Deprivation

The college and university years can be the most amazing, exciting, fun, rewarding, busy, and stressful years of your child’s life. But all of that time they time spend working, studying, socializing, and participating in extracurricular activities can put major pressure on their precious sleep time.

According to National Sleep Foundation research, 70% to 96% of college students sleep fewer than 8 hours during the week, dropping to only 6.36 hours per night during final exams.

It’s a slippery slope to sleep deprivation—the less time they have, the more stressed they get and the less they sleep. With less sleep comes even more stress, which can seriously affect both their ability to study and learn, as well as their overall health and well-being.

One of the most important things you can do to set them up for success is to help them create a sleep sanctuary in their new college dorm and help them get a good night’s sleep.

Collegiate Collection = Luxury + Style + Comfort + Convenience

Our collegiate collection offers everything you need to create collegiate couture for your student's new dorm room:

  • Pure luxury and style that truly reflects their personality and independence.

  • Versatility for a hard-working multi-functional living space where students can work, study, play, entertain, eat, and hopefully sleep!

  • A sleep sanctuary that is both comfortable and convenient; it can quickly transform from workplace to play space with just the toss of a cushion and fluff of a duvet.

  • Easy care is critical—everything we offer is machine washable.

The Right Foundation

The unsung hero of a good night’s sleep is the right foundation for your mattress.

If you're moving or buying a new mattress, make sure to protect your investment with a mattress protector. Our Dormeir Wool Protectors also add a layer softness that is natural, absorbent, and temperature regulating. For extra protection, go with our Waterproof Protector that has cotton sides; full elastic for a perfect fit; and outer layers of 100% organic cotton with a highly breathable Neotherm® waterproof layer.

If the dorm room comes with a mattress, the right Down Topper will transform that older mattress into an oasis of comfort.

Everyday Essentials

Our bed linen sheets are the workhorse of the bed and should be selected to meet your student's unique needs and preferences for sleep temperature, finish, feel, and look. Choose from our amazing selection of cool and crisp percale; smooth and silky sateen; or 100% natural and breathable linen.

Supreme Comfort

The most important decision you'll make for a good night's sleep is finding the perfect down duvet. You want it to be so comfortable that your student will actually want to sleep more! We handcraft duvets in our atelier in Vancouver, Canada using only the finest Canadian and European down. Learn more about finding the perfect duvet or visit one of our fine retailers near you.

Right Size

Almost all college and university dorm rooms have Twin XL mattresses. We offer Twin XL fitted sheets in all of our Essentials bed linens—whether they love cool and crisp percale; smooth and silky sateen; or 100% natural and breathable linen, we have something for everyone.

Now that your child has graduated from high school, it's time they graduated into the larger Euro Twin duvet (54" x 94"), which will fit perfectly on their new Twin XL dorm bed and gives them extra coverage and coziness. You'll also find an amazing selection of Twin XL duvet covers to suit any style.

Euro Twin Duvet
Euro Twin Duvet, 54" x 94" with Euro Twin Duvet Cover | Perfect for Dorm Room Twin XL Mattress

Personal Style

Soft & Soothing

Celeste Duvet Cover & Shams

Hip & Modern Neutrals



Big and Bold


Hard-Working & Sophisticated



Capri | Our signature 100% long-staple cotton Italian sateen in 90 colours choices

Capri Duo | Reversible; choose two colours for different front and back


Can you really ever have too many pillows and cushions? In a multi-functional dorm room, they act as a couch back, lap desk, table, floor cushion, bean bag chair, and maybe a party game (pillow fight)!

  • Our bed linen shams and down pillow inserts have 8 standard sizes from Standard to Grand Euro at 31" x 31"

  • Our cushion covers and down inserts have 15 standard sizes from Neck Roll to Duchess at 28" x 28".

We have so many shapes, sizes, colours, finishes, and fabrics you'll find something for everyone, every space, every style, and every function—so don't hold back.

Finishing Touches

Our throws are so much more than an afterthought. The right throw is the perfect finishing touch that can not only add depth, glam, and detail but also provide that bit of cozy comfort for those serious reading assignments or late-night study sessions.

The Best Investment

Just like a good education is a great investment, our luxury duvets and fine bed linens are more than an investment in personal style and a good night's sleep—they're a long term investment that will pay off well beyond the Bachelors, Masters, and even PhD!

Our down-filled duvets use only the finest downs from Canada and Europe and are handcrafted in our atelier in Vancouver, Canada—they're so fine we guarantee them for 20 years.

Our bed linens are made by our team of artisans from the finest European fabrics. With our designs, you can create a collegiate couture style that will stand up to the work-hard, play-hard lifestyle of any college student.


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