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Spoil Dad This Father's Day: Gift Inspiration

We are hard-wired into gifting dads something tough. This Father's Day, we encourage you to pamper your strong man. Give Dad something to help him relax! A pillow, a robe, a luxury towel, or even his very own Euro Twin Duvet. Something for HIM, something he wouldn't want to share

1. For the ADVENTUROUS Dad

Gift comfort while he’s on the move. Combine a travel pillow with a travel duvet and he is ready to go! St. Genève travel pillows come in your choice of fill. Our travel duvet is a luxurious 550 loft silver duck down, that is also practical and will press down to about 4 or 5 cm, yet it will fluff up beautifully when you unpack. Both duvet and pillow come in beautiful yet sturdy travel carry bags. You can even get it monogrammed with his initials to make him feel extra special.

2. For the Dad who loves his SHOWER

Spice up his old towel with luxurious and sumptuous ones. This is one investment dads never make. Whether he likes lightweight, toss-and-wash friendly linen towels, or luxury Abyss super pile, this is the perfect day to buy him one, or more.

Our Forte Linen towels dry beautifully - perfect for treating him to an outdoor summer swim or a beach day. Don’t forget to carry his favourite beverage along. If he’s not an outdoor person, just a beautifully wrapped towel and a book will do the trick. The linen fabric is tastefully woven in Italy, ensuring they outlast virtually any other towel. It also launders easily with other textiles without much lint or snag on other items, something that Dad would definitely like!

3. For the STAY-IN Dad

Couch? Bed corner? Man Cave? Our Euro Twin Duvet is perfect for when he doesn't want to share the duvet, in or out of bed. With this in mind, we developed our Euro Twin size inspired by the Scandinavian concept. At 54" x 94", the Euro Twin is designed for Dad to take his duvet with him anywhere in or around the house, giving him some me-time. Gift him a Euro-twin and let him have a whole day to himself, giving him some much-needed me-time.

4. For Dads who love their SNOOZE

Surprise his toughened shell with a pillow that reduces all those strains he speaks of – neck, shoulder, back, head. Gift him one of our firm pillows, and let him have an interruption-free, all-you-can-sleep Father’s Day. Over time, our Ziegler (850 loft made of Polish white goose down), Chateau (white goose down surrounds a 20% down, 80% feather core) or Piatra Firm (100% merino wool) pillows will give him more relaxed nights and more energized days! Introduce him to self-care this Father’s Day. We’re sure this will be one pillow he won’t share!


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